Philippe Ensarguet

Technology. Strategy. Innovation.

Advisor. Mentor. Speaker.

Philippe is a senior tech executive with strong experience in large corporations and startups connecting technology to business fostering impactful transformations.

After CTO x3 during 12 years, including for Orange Business, he is currently VP of Software Engineering at Orange, responsible for transforming the telco to techco journey and scouting for disruptive technologies and partners. Within Orange or for Orange' customers, he regularly advises and brings mentoring to CxOs and executives who are questioning their tech and digital transformation, in a cross-industries and international context.

He has a 25+ years track record in digital transformations with strong achievements in software, automation, cloud, cloud native, and xOps. Beyond tech, he has developed a comprehensive innovation framework encompassing corporate culture, business-driven performance, and people skillsets to achieve long-lasting transformation.

Philippe has been awarded CTO of the year 2021, by Mobile Europe and European Communications in the Trailblazer category, recognizing the completeness of his vision and technology strategy.

With a Unique 360° viewpoint on stacks, practices, tools, and cultural trends, evolutions, and disruptions, he delivers advisory, mentoring and leadership support for executives and their boards. He is strongly implied in corporate strategy bringing technology impacts, risks, shifts, and opportunities.

Highly connected to software vendors and open source ecosystems, he contributes to scout next generation disrupting startups and partners, and plays a key role in relationships with partners engineering teams.

Philippe is advisor for Orange in two investment funds, Iris Capital and Move Capital, Kepler Chevreu Invest, with an active role in startups assessment and due diligence. He also advises Orange Ventures, the €350m Orange Corporate VC fund, where he shares key tech trends and top investment domains, scouts and connects startups with the investment team.

He is a Board Advisor to tech startups, for example supporting GitOps pioneer Weaveworks for 3+ years and DevOps Cycloid for 4+ years. In this role, he helps CEOs and teams to make their journey successful via mentoring, features roadmap / tech stack sparring partner, ecosystem connections and advocacy.

Philippe used to share his experience via keynotes or dedicated sessions with customers, partners, or at conferences. He brings thought leadership and his experience in sessions with media or analyst firms.

Open source and community-driven enthusiast, he is a board advisor for the Linux Foundation Europe, and strong support for Cloud Native Computing Foundation and LF Networking . He also advocates for tech, and transformation in keynotes, social networks, and communities like Tech.Rocks, of which he is a member, part of the curating team, podcasts and meetups MC. You can find some of these mood posts on Medium.

Philippe lives in France, in Brittany, and loves riding his gravel or mountain bikes.

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